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Tender Professionals Ltd specialises in proving cost effective high quality support to public sector contract tenders. The firm has supported all types of EU derived procurement processes (including clinical services and Any Qualified Provider contract bids). We have supported successful PQQs and tender responses for Open, Restricted, Negotiated and Competitive Dialogue bids.

Support to all stages of winning new business


Strategic business development advice and consultancy


TPL provides full business development and bid support services and advice at all stages, from identification of tender opportunities, through the decision on whether to bid, to drafting model responses to tender questions and review/mock evaluation of the bid/tender submission.


The decision to bid


Not all tender Opportunities are worth pursuing. We can work with your team to provide an independent perspective on whether to bid, using our knowledge and experience of running tender exercises to evaluate the chances of success and the likely risk/reward ratio.


PQQ stage


The worst possible outcome of a PQQ exercise is to “just clear the hurdle”. Once the decision to bid is made, we will work with you to develop the highest possible quality of PQQ submission. We can explain the meaning behind the questions commonly asked, how they will be evaluated, and how to achieve the highest possible score based on the customer’s needs and aspirations.


Tender development and review


TPL can add real value for our clients when writing the bid submission. We will explain how bids are evaluated, the key “do’s and don’ts” of writing a tender, and provide guidance on if, how and when to ask tender clarification questions.


Depending on the experience of your bid team, we can review draft answers or prepare guidance “from scratch” and what public sector clients will want to see in the tender response.


We can carry out “mock evaluations” and red team reviews according to your requirements, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the tender before it is submitted.


Dialogue and Negotiations


Public sector bodies are increasingly making use of Competitive Dialogue tender routes to refine their requirements after the tender is submitted. We will guide you team on

  • tactics for this stage of the process
  • how to engage with the procurer
  • common pitfalls; and
  • enhancing the commercial outcome


Closing the deal


Even following selection as preferred bidder, some deals still fail to close due to errors or poor tactics by the bidder. We can help to ensure that achieivng preferred bidder statuts actually leads to award of contract – on sensible financial and commercial terms.

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